Who we are

Provide strategic and technical advice on the use of Blockchain technology to help companies make the most of its benefits and overcome the obstacles associated with its implementation.


To provide services and advice concerning digital with a focus on the potential of blockchain, from first approaches to the implementation of innovative projects.



KoinHub, the meeting point for improving business for companies and startups, pursues a series of goals focused on innovation and digitization of individual processes:



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Directing the digital transition by leveraging blockchain decentralization for a freer, more accessible and economically empowered society.

Customized solutions

Each project has its own identity, we respect it, support it, accelerate it

Project management

Help companies understand the opportunities associated with adopting blockchain technology and give operational support in project management

Solid partnerships

An established network of consultants and technology partners to provide a comprehensive view on innovation

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Our consultants

KoinHub’s consulting service has a professional and reliable team fully available to guide its clients in their development with ad hoc methods and solutions.

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Our consultants

A team of consultants tailored to your business to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively